Monday, 28 October 2013

Procrastination come at us!

So while this weekend has been super productive we still procrastinated! Through the week our house mate decided (after a week of watching RuPaul's Drag Race) that he wanted to do Halloween in drag as Marina and the Diamonds! And he wanted us to make the costume!!! YAYYY

Saturday got off to a great start, we got to sleep in, got up about 11 (was superb) then after a coffee and a suitable amount of wake up time we chucked some clothes on and went over to Box Hill. First stop was Spotlight we needed to get needles for the machine and some fabric for Marina's dress. In true Spotlight form we waited about 10 or so minutes to be served, after that we picked up some groceries and had a coffee. Lucky us got the oh so pleasant company of a drunken fellow who insisted on sitting with us while we had our coffee -_-

This is when the procrastination sets in. When we got home i reckon we had about 3 hours of doing nothing which put a real delay on Marina. We started our sewing with the vest for Cyndi which we decided to make out of an old pair of denim jeans (we'll put up a post later in the week about how the old jeans became a vest). We then moved on to Marina which is now almost completed no thanks to its fair share of procrastination. Long story short we went to bed at 3am which kind stuffed our plans up for Sunday.

Sunday we were planning to go to a vintage fashion market called “Round She Goes” but as we did not go to bed until 3am we didn't wake up until 1pm. With all our might we tried be be there by 3pm (when it closes) but unfortunately it just did not happen, never mind though as the next one being held is on the 8th of December in Moorabbin. Because we were already in the city we decided we would go for a coffee and a window shop in Brunswick, which was really lovely, we had not explored much of that side of the city until today...and then we came home, the end.
L. & J xx

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