Saturday, 2 March 2013

Thank You Post Man!

Ooo! So this week we received a very, VERY exciting parcel in the mail!!!
As we said a couple posts ago - We are going to enter the Tessuti Fabric Challenge, you can read our post here.

Our parcel that was soooo beautifully wrapped. LOVE the pattern paper and ribbon with "Tessuti" printed across it.

Attached was an awesome postcard with a personal message on the back.
Such a cute thing to do!

The photos of this fabric really don't show how beautiful it really is.
It is soooo soft but has a wonderful texture. Its gorgeous.
When Tessuti announced this exciting competition, they also took it down to half price. So its now down to $12m.  If you want to join in the fun and have a go at winning $1000, then buy some fabric quick :)

We can not wait to start getting creative!!! A few designs in mind ... but you'll have to stay tuned.
Just before we sign off, the above photo is the sticker they had on the post bag.
"If premises unattended, leave in a secure location out of the weather"
Never seen a postage message like this, but its AMAZING.  Because the day it was delivered, it was raining hard and the 'premises was unattended'. It wasn't at the front door, it was sitting on the back deck, right away from the rain. Thank You very much Postman. We love you!
L. & J. xx