Friday, 22 February 2013

1940's Sewing Challenge | Construction

I'll start of saying Sorry for the poor quality of photos.
So the pattern pieces were made, checked, double checked and triple checked.
It was then time to boldly cut the pieces out of the mustard fabric we decided on.
I stitched my little heart out and here is what we have so far...
Front on view of half the skirt part.  Loving how its sticking out, worked out very nicely.
Now this photo is of the inside of the pocket area and really don't like that the seam is very visible.
After a long think we came up with 'making a feature' out of it, by adding a very small strip of fabric between the seams.
This is a horrible close up of the fabric between the pocket seam.  You can't really tell, but its the pale floral fabric we will eventually make the belt out of.
Its not sitting right because it needs a really good press!
The top half is very close to being finished now.  (This photo is a few days old).
I didn't line the whole dress and didn't intend to from the start.  But as it started to form, I really didn't like the gathering areas being seen on the inside.  So I cut out an extra 'triangle' piece and two more front shoulder pieces.  So I'm not sure if you'd call them lining pieces or not, but in my opinion it looks a lot cleaner.
I was "umm-ing and ahh-ing", about putting this last photo up of it all pinned to the "Helper", but I'm just so excited. 
Ahhhhh it's nearly an actual dress Yaaay :)
More Updates and photos very soon.
Happy Stitching!
J. x

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